What Would The Bible Say? Kindle

What Would The Bible Say? Kindle

For Amazon.com's Kindle eReader.

What? You don’t own a Kindle?
Here’s my testimonial: Remember the toys you longed for at Christmas, hoped and prayed you get, and when you did, you were happy for a few days but after a little while you realized they didn’t live up to your expectations? The Barbie really didn’t make you feel like a princess, the Little Pony really didn’t take you anywhere? Well, I have owned my Kindle for almost three months and it has far exceeded every one of my expectations. I love it!

Yes, it’s pricey, but how else can you hold 1,000 books in your purse or backpack? When Mike and I began talking about downsizing our home, we realized that one of our biggest problems would be our library. 3,000+ books take up a lot of room. So I began to cull the books that contained the information that I could easily obtain on the web — 500 out the door. Then I weeded out the books I’d bought because they looked interesting, the duplicates and the ones I bought simply because I’ve never met a book I didn’t like and if it was affordable I’d usually purchase it — 350 more gone. Hmmm, what did that leave? It left the oodles of books that I have read and reread and will continue to reread until my eyesight fails. Can you see yourself reading the Mitford Series only once? Never! What about Agatha Christie only one time? Preposterous. So my Honey finally agreed that maybe a Kindle, holding 1,000 of my best-loved rereads, would be a good idea. So, here’s the thing: It’s a wonderful investment and well worth the stiff price when compared to purchasing even 1,000 paperbacks — and no, I have only purchased 30-some books so far, but a few each month is my goal. They’re cheaper than hardbacks and some of your choices are even free. If you order from my page, I get a percentage (your price doesn’t go up) and I will have a few more pennies to order more Kindle books!

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