Hello. After over 40 years of pastoring alongside my husband we are retiring. I loved being a pastor’s wife and my desire was to encourage other women married to ministers to delight in their role also. To that end I have written books, articles and a blog offering practical and spiritual encouragement to my sisters.

Now that we are retiring I will not be posting as much on my blog, and in truth, have dropped off significantly in the past few years. However, if you click on the blog link you will find all of my posts from the past twenty years and can enjoy reading them.

But as a final gift, I am giving you the lifelong product of all that I learned in ministry, a free copy of my Q&A book for pastors’ wives titled What Would the Pastor’s Wife Say?

I imagine you wonder why it was never published (and I’m also pretty confused). But it seems that Christian publishing houses only find you publishable if you are already famous (I’m not) or are married to someone famous (again, I’m not) and while they loved the book were not willing to accept the manuscript.

Therefore, their loss is your gain. If you click on the button below (Purchase is a misnomer, but the only button they had for me to use), you will be allowed to download a PDF copy of the book. Should you wish to purchase an eBook and soft-cover copy, you can do so on Amazon (yes, I published it myself, but was unable to market it). I lowered the cost of them as much as I could, but they are simply more compact versions of the same book you download.

Remember you are always in God’s sight and my prayers.

Janice Hildreth



P.S. Please do not make copies of the book. Please only download a book for youself and encourage your friends to download a copy for themselves. I need an accurate count of how many people have downloaded the book. Thank you


What Would The Pastor’s Wife Say? – PDF