Monday’s New Beginning

Monday’s New Beginning

Life has been tough for Chloe Evans since the death of her husband almost two years ago. Moving to a different city, starting a new business and getting the hang of being a single parent has left Chloe exhausted and her son, Zach, bitter and angry.

Chloe desperately wants to make things work for the two of them, but with the future of her fledgling daycare threatened by the behavior of a four-year-old tyrant and her grieving son challenging her on every front, it’s looking harder and harder. Matters are made worse when the contractor she hires to remodel her daycare, Deke Hudson, turns out to be too gorgeous to ignore. The last thing she needs right now is a new man in her life, but when suspicion surfaces of Zach’s involvement in a local drug ring and someone tries to burn down the daycare with Chloe and Zach inside, she’s glad Deke’s not a man who runs from problems. Despite the problems that are facing her now, the real challenge is letting go of the past and embracing the new beginning Chloe and Zach desperately need.
The first of seven installments in the A New Day series.

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  1. Am Pastor Peter Muthui from Kenya with New Life Christian Centre Kenya, Am greatful to come acroos your Website and my cry is to have a conference for Pastor’s Wifes which has never been done in Kenya, I hope they need someone or a ministry that can be with them or encouragements, My Wife keeps on telling me about how Ministers wife’s are lonely,how they work the work of their Husbands and sometimes getting into problem and no one to help them.

    Hope your ministry will come over and have a conference or seminar with Pastor’s wife’s in Kenya.
    Yours In Lord,
    Pastor Peter Muthui.

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