What Would the Pastor’s Wife Say?

  • What Would the Pastor’s Wife Say?
  • Why would a pastor’s wife need a handbook? Because every day women marry ministers and step into a fishbowl lifestyle for which they are not trained. While accepted behavior differs with geographic areas and congregations there still remain basic principles that are applicable overall. This nuts-n-bolts book will relieve the anxiety pastor’s wives experience when facing unknown situations
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Brynwood Publishing proudly presents the first four volumes in a 7-book series titled A New Day.


Sunday’s Promise

As a preacher’s daughter, Miranda McKinnon has always trusted things happen for a reason, but when she finds her fiancé kissing another woman and is faced with an accusation that could tear her dad’s church apart, Miranda realizes she needs a place to reassess her life.  Vowing never to succumb to heartache again, Miranda flees to her grandmother’s house in Emmett, Idaho in hopes of finding peace from the turmoil within.

Just when she gets comfortable with the decision to give up men and reclaim her life, she notices the handsome new pastor Joel Maxwell and his adorable three-year-old son Cricket.  As their friendship deepens, Miranda finally admits that a devastating circumstance from her past has held her from ever truly giving her heart.  She is forced to choose between exposing the long-buried secret or keeping it buried and denying herself love.

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Monday’s New Beginning

Life has been tough for Chloe Evans since the death of her husband almost two years ago. Moving to a different city, starting a new business and getting the hang of being a single parent has left Chloe exhausted and her son, Zach, bitter and angry.

Chloe desperately wants to make things work for the two of them, but with the future of her fledgling daycare threatened by the behavior of a four-year-old tyrant and her grieving son challenging her on every front, it’s looking harder and harder. Matters are made worse when the contractor she hires to remodel her daycare, Deke Hudson, turns out to be too gorgeous to ignore. The last thing she needs right now is a new man in her life, but when suspicion surfaces of Zach’s involvement in a local drug ring and someone tries to burn down the daycare with Chloe and Zach inside, she’s glad Deke’s not a man who runs from problems. Despite the problems that are facing her now, the real challenge is letting go of the past and embracing the new beginning Chloe and Zach desperately need.

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Tuesday’s Child

Two years ago, Ginny Porter made some bad decisions — the biggest of which was falling for her boyfriend’s lies. While she regretted her period of rebellion, she would never regret the birth of their child, Sophy. Now, trying to get her life back on track and with a fresh teaching certificate in hand, she and Sophy are headed to an Idaho farm where Ginny has a summer job as a tutor.

For Dallas Reid, hiring a tutor for his eight-year-old step-brother had seemed like a good idea but he hadn’t expected her to be a beautiful young mother and her adorable toddler. Their growing attraction for each other is hindered when Dallas realizes Ginny’s past has a long reach and is endangering her life. But even though Dallas appears to be everything Todd was not, Ginny doesn’t know if she can rely on her instincts and confide in him.

By learning to trust each other and deal with the secrets each are holding, Dallas and Ginny’s Idaho summer turns into life-changing lessons on God’s grace and the blessing of second chances.

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Wednesday’s Rescue

Idaho is once again offering sanctuary to a McKinnon cousin. Anna McKinnon witnessed a federal crime and her family feels that Seattle may not be safe for her anymore. Bags in hand, she moves to Boise to help care for Magda Angelov, her 83-year-old aunt who is suffering from dementia. Uprooting her life is hard enough, but discovering that John–Miranda’s brother-in-law, and the source of her secret romantic feelings–has moved to Boise as well, fills Anna with trepidation. Will he finally see her as an attractive woman or will he continue to look right through her? Settling in Boise brings hard times: moving Aunt Magda into assisted living, finding out John is in a serious relationship with a local attorney, the federal trial, and making the aquaintance of a young refugee in need of rescue. Despite the obstacles littering their path, the experiences bring John and Anna together and through them they discover what is new and attractive about each other.

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What Would The Bible Say?

The totally searchable resource!
A teaching tool for new (and seasoned) Christians. What Would the Bible Say? is now available as an eBook. Downloaded to your electronic device it immediately becomes a searchable resource providing answers to your questions — Abortion? Euthanasia? Workplace? These subjects, and many more, are covered in What Would the Bible Say? Pastors will find it a great resource to recommend to others.

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