7/2/2019: Day #2:

Any time our child says or does something a church member disapproves of, they correct them. My kids feel like they have fifty parents. How can I help?


Starting today, 1 question a day from my upcoming book “What Would the Pastor’s Wife Say?” a Q&A for women married to pastors. Read the question and formulate your answer.  (Yes, you’ll need to purchase the book in order to compare your answer to mine, but hopefully you will be doing so anyway either for yourself or for a friend who is married to a pastor.)

#1: “Do I have what it takes to be a good pastor’s wife?”

Seeing a dream come to fruition is sometimes a long lonely road. All I’ve ever wanted to be (besides a wife, mother, grandmother and pastor’s wife) is a writer. In the days in which I began, I had two things working against me: I did not major in the correct career in college and I did not live in a large metropolitan area where there were publishers.

Don’t forget, many of us have lived most of our lives without the internet. And it is the availability of reaching out to publishers via the internet that has opened doors for many writers.

I have always known I had a gift for writing, and just because I couldn’t catch the attention of the publishing industry didn’t mean I just let my gift lay fallow. For years I wrote devotionals, Sunday school lessons, church skits, and church plays. I experience the same emotion when I write as Olympian Eric Liddell said he felt when running. He is quoted in “Chariots of Fire” When I run, I feel God smile.

In a few days I am going to release my latest book, “What Would the Pastor’s Wife Say?” It is a compilation of over twenty years of questions posted on my blog

Women who marry pastors are like women who marry royalty — except for the designer clothes, money, and bodyguards. Our position comes with expectations that others assume we will follow. And when we don’t, sometimes very hurtful results ensue.

This book is my heart. I can’t say it any clearer. I love pastors’ wives. I love our life and I long to encourage and come alongside other women who do my same job. Denomination doesn’t matter, church size is irrelevant, but the hurts and bewilderment are amazingly the same.

Each day beginning July 1st until the book is launched I will post one of the questions from my book, to give you an idea of how practical it is. Warning: it will not have the answer, you’ll have to purchase the book for that. But until it is available, figure out your response and then read the book to see it if matches mine.

God bless